Курс Java for beginners EN


Introduction to Information Science

Computer Structure
Machine Languages, Assemblers and High-Level languages
General Description of Java Programming Environment

Positional Number System

What is Positional Number System?
Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Number System
Conversion of Whole Numbers from Decimal Number System
Conversion of Fractional Numbers from Decimal Number System
Conversion into Decimal Number System
Examples of Converting the Numbers from One System into Another
Addition and Subtraction in Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Number Systems
Multiplication and Division in Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Number Systems
Expressing Whole Numbers in Computer Systems
Adding Inverted Codes
Adding Complement Codes
Real Numbers in Computer Systems


Algorithms, Algorithmization and Algorithms Languages
Iteration Loops
Nested Loops
Examples of Creating Algorithms
Calculation of the Greatest Common Divisor of Two Numbers

Base JAVA Constructions

Installation of JAVA SDK
Installation of CLASS PATH, First Program
Second Program - Working with System.out.print

Types of Data in JAVA Language

Types of Data in JAVA Language
Logical Data, Logical Operations
Integers in JAVA Language
Symbol Type char
Floating-Point Types

Figure Data Operations

Mathematical Operations
Increment and Decrement
Bitwise Operations
Relational Operations
Assignment. Conditional Operation
Expressions. Priority Operations


Operator if-else
Operator while, do-while
Operator for
Operator switch
Operator break and continue
Operator continue, return
Arrays in JAVA


Example - 1
Example - 2
Example - 3
Example - 4


Object-Oriented Programming
Working with Classes
Instance Variables
Working with Reference Types
Class Method
Parameterized Methods
Key Word this
Overloading of Methods and Constructors
Using Objects as Arguments and Parameters
Object Return
Working with Several Classes
Static Elements
The Class String. The Method main
  • Inheritance

  • Inheritance
    Access Control
    Inner and Nested Classes
    Inheritance and Access Control
    The Key Word super
    Multi-Level Hierarchy and Constructor Call
    Overriding Methods
    Dynamic Dispatching of Methods
    Abstract Classes
    Specificator final

    Exception Handling in JAVA Language

    Exception Processing through try-catch
    Several Operators catch
    Nested operators try and catch
    Operator throw
    The Key Word throws
    The Block finally
    Creation of Own Exception Subclasses




    Integer, Short, Double
    Big Integer
    Big Decimal


    Creating Packages
    Importing Packages


    Creating and Implementing Interfaces
    Implementing Several Interfaces
    Variables in Interfaces
    Extending Interfaces

    Introduction to Applets

    JAVA SDK Applets
    Creating the First Applet
    Text String Output and Drawing Lines in Applets
    Using Frames for Inputting Information into Applet
    Working with Colors in Applets
    Working with JColorChooser
    Working with Fonts
    Drawing Lines and Rectangles
    Drawing Ovals and Arcs
    Drawing Polygons and Polylines

    Input-Output in JAVA

    Working with Files. Class File
    Working with Folders
    Filtering File Names
  • File Streams

  • FileInputStream
    Buffered Byte Streams
  • Character Streams

  • FileReader
  • Serialization

  • ObjectOutputStream
    Recovering Objects in Memory
    Serialization of Nested Objects

    Threads in JAVA

    Running Threads. Class Thread
    Running the Threads. Interface Runnable
    Pausing the Thread
    Synchronizing the Thread
    Example of Synchronizing the Thread
    Shared Access to the Objects (Part 1)
    Shared Access to the Objects (Part 2)

    Working with GUI

    Downloading and Installing NetBeans
    Creating the First Project
    Working with JFrame
    Drawing in JFrame
    Event Handling Model
    JTextField and JPasswordField
    Combo Boxes or Drop-Down Lists
    Single Selection List
    Multiple Selection List
    Handling Mouse Event
    Classes-Adapters (Part 1)
    Classes-Adapters (Part 2)
    Handling Keyboard Events
  • Layout Managers

  • FlowLayout
  • Going on studying GUI

  • JPanel
    Using JPanel as Image Selected Area
    Using JPanel for Handling Events
    Frame Classes
    Developing Programs as Applications and Applets
  • Working with Menu

  • Creating Menu (Part 1)
    Creating Menu (Part 2)
    Creating Menu (Part 3)
    Pop-Up Menu

    Additional GUI Features

    Adapted Program Interface
    Working with Multi-Document Interface

    Working Over the Project

    Creating the Main Window (the Class MainWindow)
    Working with Main Window Menu. Positioning the Main Window
    Adding Window Event Listener. Working with MDI

    The Class ExerciseGUI

    Creating the class ExerciseGUI
    Working with Graphical Interface of the Class ExerciseGUI
    Creating the class Lessons and Working with It in the Class ExerciseGUI
    Improving Graphical Interface of the Class ExerciseGUI
    Working with Keyboard Events
    Creating Methods to Test the Efficiency of the User's work
    Adding Keyboard Listener to the Application
    Handling Pressed Keys
    Setting Position and the Sizes of the Main Window

    Creating Supplementary Classes

    Creating the Class KeyCode
    Creating the Class Containing Information on Fingers
    Creating the Class Handling Shift Press
    Creating the Class for Key Systemization
    Creating the Class for Saving Information on Keys
    Creating Key Icon
    Creating Finger Icon
  • Creating the Class KeyIcon

  • Creating the Class KeyIcon (Part 1)
    Creating the Class KeyIcon (Part 2)
  • Creating the Class KBLayout

  • Creating the Class KBLayout (Part 1)
    Creating the Class KBLayout (Part 2)


  • Defining Some Static Variables

  • Defining Some Static Variables (Part 1)
    Defining Some Static Variables (Part 2)
    Class Constructor
    Overriding the Method run
    The Methods new_icon and new_fingericon
    Creating Methods Responsible for Icon Fill
    Highlighting Icons
  • Creating Methods Responsible for Icon Highlight

  • Creating Methods Responsible for Icon Highlight (Part 1)
    Creating Methods Responsible for Icon Highlight (Part 2)
    Overriding the Method setVisible
    Registering Keyboard in the Main Window of Application