Курс EnternetTrading EN

Basics of trading

Types of Securities
Overview of exchanges 1
Overview of exchanges 2
Fixed income securities
Introduction to Options
Option strategies 1
Option strategies 2
Securities with optionlike features
Futures 1
Futures 2
Market indices
Brokerage accounts
Types of orders

Fundamental Analysis

Financial statements
Ratio Analysis
Global Economic indicators 1
Global Economic indicators 2
Global Economic indicators 3

Technical Analysis

Candlestick patterns
Types of charts in depth
Analysis of indicators 1
Analysis of indicators 2

Practical Trading

Selection of a broker 1
Selection of a broker 2
Internet Financial Resources
Daily routine

Trading Software

Quote Ticker Programs
QuotesNow! Program
Technical Analysis programs
MetaStock (Part 1)
MetaStock (Part 2)
MetaStock (Part 3)